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Wutkowscy sp. z o.o - Fabryka Mebli

ul Osiedle Młodych 19, 89-530 Śliwice


e-mail: info@wutkowscy.pl
phone: + 48 52 33 40 208 
fax: + 48 52 33 40 264

Stanisław Wutkowski

owner of WUTKOWSCY Sp. z o.o.
e-mail: stwutkowski@wutkowscy.pl



Sprzedaż kraj

Ewa Landowska

tel. 52 334 02 08 w. 13

kom. 512 849 355

Dawid Wutkowski

tel. 52 334 02 08 w. 11

kom. 784 472 134



About Us

The company Wutkowscy is already 20 years old. It is based in Śliwice – a small place located deep in the heart of Bory Tucholskie. The total production space of our workshops exceeds 6000 square metres. We employ over 210 workers. Our annual output is about 80,000 chairs and 1,200 suites of upholstered furniture.

Since the early years of our presence in the market we have systematically increased the output by investing in the development of new technologies and launching new product lines. The constantly growing number of customers is the proof of the quality of our products. Our furniture is most suitable for interiors, such as: dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, halls, studies. We also make products in accordance with customers’ individual needs.

We have a chain of shops and wholesale outlets in all over the country and we export to the EU countries. As we have at our disposal our own transport base, we are able to get to our customers both at home and abroad.


Our shops in the region:

  • BYSŁAW, ul. Główna 8A
  • BRODNICA, ul. 18-go stycznia 36B
  • BYDGOSZCZ, ul. Powstańców Wlkp. 36
  • CHOJNICE, ul. Piłsudskiego 38
  • GRUDZIĄDZ, ul. Paderewskiego 199
  • TUCHOLA, ul. Świecka 15
  • WĄBRZEŻNO, ul. Żołnierza Polskiego 2A

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